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From his early childhood, Jean-Luc Ollivier, born in 1964, chose art as the way to express his feelings and emotions. Words often didn´t seem good enough or were too unclear to give expression to his thoughts.

Therefore it isn't astonishing that he still uses art to show his opinion and to treat themes of our time. Art that has a meaning: brutally honest and jolting.

At the same time, his allegorical oil and acrylic paintings reflect his predilection for a symbolic language. Besides known symbols, many other elements of partly obvious and partly subtle significance can be found in his paintings, so that he visualises his point of view in a smooth and poetical way.

On this, the artist says: "I want to touch people, provoke them and make them think about the subject of my paintings. For the most part, my work treats explosive topics that I want to consider from an artistic point of view.”

Besides his surrealistic paintings, the artist recently has dedicated himself to portrait painting. Faces always exerted a particular fascination on him, which at first showed especially in photography, his longtime hobby. Over the years, he took countless close-up pictures of faces, preferentially black and white pictures which emphasize the expression of the person. So maybe it was obvious that this passion also showed up in painting.
Encouraged by good friends, the artist developed his very personal style of portrait painting, characterised by almost monochrome colouring in soft beige and brown colours on a specially prepared canvas. He chooses his subjects according to his personal predilections. Based on his great interest for the “Woodstock era”, he’s actually creating a portrait series of legendary musicians.


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